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About Me.

My name is Viktor Varga, but I work under the design name VICTOR VARG. I am a junior brand manager and junior fashion designer from Slovakia currently based in Milan.

Fashion has interested me since my childhood. At the age of 15, I started with styling and make up. After a year of studying in France, I decided that fashion and a creative segment would be the way I wanted to take in life, and the fullfilling way for me.

After finishing high school I went to Prague, attending the College of Economics and Management to study management and marketing. I also started studying fashion at the Institute of Fashion Design Prague, from which I have graduated in basic, medium and profi courses under the leadership of Czech and Slovak fashion designers and finished the final course with a successful defense of the collection and a certificate.

After graduating from the fashion school, I began to form under my brand VICTOR VARG. In the autumn of 2017, I debuted in Bratislava fashion days by Mercedes-Benz with a new collection named OHH MY COFFEE, obtaining the 2nd place, and was awarded by the Lenovo company, Sparkling and Top Fashion magazines. In winter I introduced a ball dress called "Dark Queen" at the Ball Show at Bratislava Fashion days.

My last collection RED ROYAL was presented at Bratislava fashion days by Mercedes-Benz in April 2018. It’s been created in cooperation with Lenovo. Subsequently, I live in Milan where I study fashion design at Istituto Marangoni (AFAM course). - 3rd year.




Lenovo Slovakia (2018)

TV SHOW - STV1 (2018)

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